The Dragon's Claw

Chapter 2: The Map to Find the Map

Our heroes return to their boat, which had been guarded by Lárensína, the halfling rogue. They paddle down the river toward the forest of Holmdís.

As they come ashore, they meet young Bertram, who takes them to see his father, Patrek Ósvald. Patrek informs them that as a warden of the forest, he cannot permit them to make the dangerous journey to Doramir’s home. While Mazel distracts Patrek and Corros distracts the warden’s wife, Lárensína sneaks into the warden’s house and steals several maps. Corros quickly memorizes the route to Doramir’s home and Lárensína successfully returns the maps.

The group travels into the forest and decides to set up camp for the night. During the second watch, as Lárensína begins to nod off (both in the game and in real life), one of the party members spots an orc creeping into the torchlight. Mazel fires off a bolt of pure energy at the orc and a battle ensues. Corros is knocked unconscious and Lárensína is badly wounded, but the group manages to kill the two orcs who invaded their campsite. A third orc steps into the firelight and angrily tells them they will pay for their actions. The orc tries to flee into the forest, but Dag chases him down. As Dag and the orc trade blows, Corros casts a sleep spell and the orc falls to the ground, unconscious.


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